SCA6x0 Accelerometers

Analog 1-axis Accelerometers
  • Size 10.48 x 11.31 x 5.08 mm3 (w x l x h)
  • Enhanced failure detection
  • Digitally activated electrostatic self test
  • Calibration memory parity check
  • Continuous connection failure detection
  • Bi-directional acceleration measurement
  • Controlled frequency response in the sensing element
  • RoHS compliant suitable for lead free soldering process and SMD mounting
  • Qualified according to AEC Q-100

  • High performance and accuracy
  • Excellent stability over temperature and time
  • Outstanding overload and shock durability

  • Acceleration measurement
  • Inclination measurement
  • Motion measurement
  • Vibration measurement

Other versions also available, please contact your Murata sales contact for more information.

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