AMR Sensors (Magnetic Sensors)Application Guide -Usages and Applications- Position Detection

Position detection applications

Advantageous features include their small size, high applicability, high impact resistance, and long life expectancy. Small and high precision AMR sensors can be put to good use with industrial equipment like cylinder switches.

[Application example]
Industrial equipment: textile machinery, hydraulics, pneumatic machinery, industrial articulated robots, etc.

Ideal for water-resistant, stain-resistant, hidden, and compact switches

Application example: cylinder position sensors

Adding 2 modules to each end of the cylinders of automated machinery, such as robotic arms and chip mounters used in factories, can allow for accurate detection.

Video depicting the cylinder position sensor

A video giving an example of AMR sensor (magnetic sensor) application on pneumatic cylinders. See how position detection can be used with pneumatic cylinders and observe the output of an AMR sensor (magnetic sensor).