AMR Sensors (Magnetic Sensors)Application Guide -Usages and Applications- Rotation Detection

Rotation Detection Applications

The long life expectancy and low current consumption of AMR sensors make them most suitable for smart meters

Usage with smart meters can make the best of AMR sensors’ advantages of a long life expectancy and low power consumption.

[Application example]
Smart gas meters, smart water meters, speed meters, etc.

Application example: flow meters (gas water heaters)

The small size and high precision of AMR sensors are advantageous features that make their long lifespan and safe design possible. They also have low current consumption which enables them to be used in powering batteries. Not only does the sensor detect the water meter to manage a fixed flow of water and read the water level gauge to control the temperature of the hot water, but it also has many other different roles.

Video depiction of flow detection

A video showing an example of the AMR sensor (magnetic sensor) being used in different meters, including water and gas meters. See how AMR sensors are used for flow detection in meters and observe the output of an AMR sensor (magnetic sensor).