Technical Note of Barometric Pressure Sensor

-Low Noise-

Compared to Piezo type, our Capacitive type is High dynamic range and High impedance. 

Thus, Our Capacitive type is suitable for CMOS  amp.

Capavive type
High dynamic range and High impedance.

-Capacitance change rate: 15%

-Resistance value: 12pF at 20kHZ => 1.3MΩ

Piezo Type

Narow dynamic range, Low impedance

-Resistance change rate: <1%

-Resistance Value: 2kΩ

-Stability for temperature change-

Temperature dependance is controlled very well. 
There are 2 stabile efeccts; 1) Syllicon Yong's modules, 2) Inflated fill gas inside the pressure face.
Pressure change of fill gas which inside the pressure face enables to adjust temperature coefficient to 0 at standard pressure value. 
Sensor element twist has almost no impact when pressure measuring error.