Barometric Pressure sensor ZPA2326-0311A


Barometric Pressure sensor 
Application: Atmospheric pressure measurement for general,consumer equipment

  ・ Low current consumption, low noise
・ Excellent stability in temperature characteristic change

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  ■ Applications
・ Indoor navigation, Stair climbing detection for elevator / stairs
・ Weather monitoring

■ Specifications
・ Relative accuracy:+/-0.1hPa Typ. T=+25 degC,
 P Range=800 to 1100hPa ΔP=100hPa
・ Absoluteaccuracy:+/-0.8 hPa/T= -10 to 65degC,
P Range= 800 to 1100hPa
・ Current consumption:6.3uA Typ. /Conversion time 1/6s
・ Power-supply voltage:1.71 to 2.0V
・ Output I/F:SPI/I2C
・ Dimensions:2.3x2.6x0.95 mm

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