ESC - Electronic Stability Control

ESC – Electronic Stability Control
ESP – Electronic Stability Program
VSC – Vehicle Stability Control

ABS and traction control are not enough in curve situations. ESC, or any other vehicle stability and dynamic control system, corrects for under- and over-steering ands help to keep the car on the road. Yaw rate and centrifugal acceleration measured by an angular rate sensor and lateral acceleration measured by a low-g accelerometer are compared to those calculated from the wheel speed information and the steering wheel angle.

The inertial sensors are either assembled into vehicle as a sensor cluster, or as in most current vehicle designs, integrated into the hydraulic unit or into the airbag ECU. The ESC systems have developed from an intelligent ABS-system to central active safety systems of vehicle, which control the stability of the vehicle and provide information for electronic parking brakes, automatic stop-start systems etc.

The more accurate the sensor is over the environmental conditions in car, the better the control system. Murata's combined gyro-acceleration sensors SCC11X0 and SCC1220 and accelerometers SCA8X0 and SCA21X0 provide reliable and accurate measurement in all assembly locations and measurement directions.