LTCC Multilayer Substrates

LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics) represents a multilayer ceramic substrate that is co-fired with a low resistance internal circuit made of a metal such as Ag or Cu, at temperatures lower than the melting points of this metal (less than 1,000°C). Sometimes it is referred to as “glass ceramics” because glass is mixed in its main raw material, alumina. 

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Murata’s “zero shrinkage LTCC” uses an internal circuit made of pure silver (Ag) to deliver low dielectric ceramic material and low conductor resistance.
For RoHS compliance, it is made of environmentally friendly materials that are free from lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd). This makes it highly resistant to strong acids and alkalis, allowing for easy plating with gold (Au). Innovative production technologies employed for LTCC include pressure assisted zero-shrinkage sintering, a process that causes the ceramics shrink only in the thickness direction. These methods help achieve high dimensional accuracy and surface flatness even in large substrates. 
Murata LTCC substrates can be used in electronic circuit modules for automobile — an application that requires high reliability in punishing temperature conditions. They also make good functional substrates to achieve higher integration and smaller size in high-frequency modules. 




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Murata’s LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) multi-layer circuit boards realize miniaturization of modules due to multi-layering of the circuit and also reduction of the number of mounted components. They are widely used as vehicle-mounted circuit boards which have high reliability, even in integrated electro-mechanical type applications. Also, Murata utilizes its RF technology to realize built-in inductors and capacitors for communication applications, thus contributing to the realization of more compact and lower communication modules.

Basic knowledge concerning LTCC

Basic knowledge concerning LTCC

Basic knowledge concerning LTCC

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