PTGL series / PTC thermistors lead type
for overcurrent protection:
Resettable fuse / inrush current suppression

PTGL Series
The PTGL series (Resettable fuse) finds broad uses in end products for overcurrent protection in the event of a short circuit and for the suppression of a surge current generated upon activation of the product. 
Use of ceramics material means high reliability, allowing the customer to make end products safer and maintenance-free. 
Using Murata’s outstanding ceramic technology, different sub-series are available to meet varying customer needs: The narrow current band sub-series delivers the industry’s smallest resistance deviation (±10%). Other lower-level series include PTC thermistors for large currents and high voltages.

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Part Numbering  

SubTitleIconNo01 Tight Tolerance : 30V Series

SubTitleIconNo02 Tight Tolerance : 51V Series

SubTitleIconNo03 Tight Tolerance :60V Series

SubTitleIconNo04 Tight Tolerance :140V Series

SubTitleIconNo05 16V Series

SubTitleIconNo06 24V Series

SubTitleIconNo07 30V Series

SubTitleIconNo08 32V Series

SubTitleIconNo09 56V Series

SubTitleIconNo10 80V Series

SubTitleIconNo11 125V Series

SubTitleIconNo12 140V Series

SubTitleIconNo13 250V Series

SubTitleIconNo14 265V Series

SubTitleIconNo15 For Automotive : 16V Series

SubTitleIconNo16 For Automotive : 30V Series

SubTitleIconNo17 For Automotive : 51V Series

SubTitleIconNo18 For Automotive : 60V Series

SubTitleIconNo19 For Automotive : 140V Series

SubTitleIconNo20 For Inrush Current Suppression : 280V (recommend for 100uF (max.))

SubTitleIconNo21 For Inrush Current Suppression : 280V (recommend for 100uF min.)