XTCLH Series(Clipped sine wave)

XTCLH_J Series
High stability Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
Voltage Control Type
Frequency : 10.0000 to 50.0000MHz
Size : 5.0 x 3.2 x 1.5mm
Metal sealed package

These oscillator consist of a high quality crystal unit and an excellent temperature compensation circuit. The parts are then packaged by Murata utilizing the many years of experience in advanced circuitry and measurement technology.
These parts feature high frequency stability, precision frequency temperature characteristics, and are optimal for small cell, backbone network units, business radios, and other applications.

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Part Numbering
XTCLH 19M200 TJJ C3 P0
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2. Nominal Frequency

Frequency is expressed by six-digit alphanumeric.
(example: 19.2000MHz → 19M200)

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