Crystal Units for automotive applications




Murata's crystal units for automotive applications (XRCHA Series, XRCGB Series) use the world's first unique packaging technology that is not offered in existing crystal units. This packaging technology provides excellent quality, mass productivity and cost performance.

Advantages of Murata's crystal units for automotive applications

●2.5x2.0mm/2.0x1.6mm sizes allow for ECU downsizing!
These package sizes allow for a maximum of 60% downsizing capabilities compared to the 3.2x2.5mm size.

●Supports on-board Ethernet/FlexRay for next generation vehicle communication standards!
Oscillator total tolerance specification for in-vehicle Ethernet (PHY) : ±85ppm
Oscillator total tolerance specification for FlexRay : ±250ppm

●Adopted high reliability package cultivated by CERALOCK®!
This package consists of a mechanical and weather resistant performance, along with excellent shock and drop shock resistance.

●Never overlook the particles that obstruct oscillation!
This is Murata's patent technology (Patent No. 4998620).
Click here for more details : A Particle Screening Technique Using Murata’s Original Packaging Technology

●Introduction of termination design suitable for AOI!
Murata adopted corner electrode terminations, which improve the visibility of the solder fillets while remaining compact.
* AOI → Automatic Optical Inspection (Board visual inspection)

●Supports product specifications according to the user's needs!
Load capacity (Cs) : 6pF, 8pF, 10pF and others available.
In addition to the above, we also offer a product lineup compatible to high drive level (600µm) and +125°C / +150°C.

●Satisfies the reliability guarantee required for automotive applications (AEC-Q200)!
* Applicable series: XRCGB_F_A / XRCHA_F_A

Testing conditions

High temperature exposure test :+125°C, 1000h

Temperature cycling test :-55 to +125°C, 1000cycle

Biased humidity test :+85°C, 85%RH, DC6V, 1000h

Operational life test :+125°C, DC6V, 1000h

●Abundant application support!
Our"IC - Timing Devices Matching Search Tool" enables searches tailored to the ICs and impedance matching circuits implemented in designs.
Click here for more details :Murata’s IC Matching Service for Resonators Contributes to Miniaturization and Performance Enhancement of Assembled Products

●Learn more about Murata's crystal units for automotive applications!
Click here for more details :Contributing to Advanced Safe Cruising Technology in Automobiles with Quality Quartz Crystals

●Information about CERALOCK® for automotive applications
Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK®) for automotive applications

Murata Icon X Product Search

Product Search

Product Search Tool
Customized search conditions are available to assist in locating products that meet the customer's required specifications.
Please refer to the table below for our main product lineup.

IC-Timing Devices Matching Search
Allows for custom searches for products that are customized to the ICs and impedance matching circuits incorporated into designs.

Murata Icon X Product Lineup

Each product series' page includes recommended products.
Size 2.5 x 2.0mm 2.0 x 1.6mm 2.0 x 1.6mm
Temperature Range -40 to +125 °C *1) -40 to +125 °C -40 to +85 °C
Frequency renge 16.000 to 24.000 MHz 24.000 to 48.000 MHz 24.000 to 48.000 MHz
Standard Frequency 16/20/24 MHz 24/25/26/27
27.12/48 MHz *2)
33.8688/40/48 MHz
Frequency Tolerance
±100ppm 24 to 29.99MHz:±30ppm
30 to 48MHz:±50ppm
Temperature Range
±100ppm 24~29.99MHz:±35ppm
Frequency Aging ±5ppm max./year ±2ppm max./year ±5ppm max./year
Equivalent Series
Resistance (max.)
16MHz : 100Ω
20 to 24MHz : 80Ω
24 to 27.120MHz:150Ω
30 to 48MHz:100Ω
Load Capacitance 8pF, 10pF, 12pF
*Other values available
6pF, 8pF, 10pF
*Other values available
6pF, 8pF, 10pF
*Other values available
Drive Level
300μW *4) 300μW *4) 300μW
*1) Product also available for -40 to +150 °C. Please contact Murata for details.
*2) Frequencies to be added in the future: 27.6/30/40 MHz
*3) This series is only for infotainment.
*4) A high drive level 600 µm type is also available.

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