Crystal UnitsOscillation amplitude

Basic Knowledge of Crystal Units

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1 Outline Oscillation Amplitude The oscillation amplitude is the amplitude of the voltage at the input and the output side of the oscillation circuit.
2 Measurement Measuring method
  1. Measurement equipment and device.
    • Oscillation circuit
    • Oscilloscope
    • Probe
  2. Connect the probe to the input or output terminal of MCU (inverter) and read peak to peak value of the waveform appears on the oscilloscope.
3 Notes  
  • Both oscilloscope and probe used for this measurment should have twice or more high frequency capability than measuring frequency.
  • It is better to use high impedance probe to prevent its influence to oscillation circuit.
    Especially, it is better to avoid connecting passive probe to input side of inverter.Passive prove usually equipped by osilloscope has lower impedance than inverter's input impedance,and might be a cause of oscillation stop.
    Murata usually uses probe that has 10Mohm/ 2pF impedance.
Oscillation circuit/Measurement oscillation amplitude