Ceramic Capacitors FAQQAn acoustic noise occurs depending on the piezoelectric effect of the multilayer ceramic capacitor. Does this have any effect on the reliability with continued use while "humming"?

Ferroelectric barium titanate ceramics are generally used as a dielectric material in high dielectric type ceramic capacitors that represent the X5R/B,X7R/R characteristic of the temperature characteristics, and a phenomenon called the piezoelectric effect exists as a distinctive physical property.

The vibration variation of the "acoustic noise" phenomenon of multilayer ceramic capacitors is only about 1pm-1nm, which is an extremely low level between 1/10 to several tenths of piezoelectric applied products. Therefore, we have determined that there is no reliability problem, including the effect on the multilayer ceramic capacitor itself and the adjacent parts.

Representative products that actively use ferroelectric ceramics include piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes, piezoelectric buzzers, piezoelectric speakers, ceramic resonators, and others.

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