Supercapacitors(EDLC) FAQ


How long is the lifetime(period)?

Lifetime of Murata's supercapacitor(EDLC) depends on applied voltage and surrounding temperature.

For example, the following graphs are lifetime(hours) of DMF series by surrounding temperature. For other series, please contact your local Murata representative.
In addition, For your design, Murata has a simulation tool that can calculate Cap/ESR degradation and discharge performance at end of your set life in given condition. The simulation tool  is available on "Supercapacitor site" of "my Murata". 

<DMF Series>


DMF 70 degC Life  DMF 60 degC Life
DMF 50 degC Life
DMF 40 degC Life


DMF_1F 70C Life  DMF_1F 60C Life 
DMF_1F 50C Life  DMF_1F 40C Life

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