Ceramic Capacitors FAQ


What is the MSL level of the multilayer ceramic capacitors?

The MSL level of multilayer ceramic capacitors was level 1 when evaluated by our company. However, since products compatible to reflow soldering are applicable to MSL, products dedicated to flow soldering, such as parts with leads, are not applicable.

MSL is a JEDEC standard, and is intended for the phenomenon where the cubical expansion generated by the gasification of the moisture included in the product due to the moisture absorption of the product and the reflow soldering during mounting, which results in failures. The level that expresses this risk is the "MSL" (Moisture Sensitivity Level). As the level increases, the risk becomes higher; therefore, it is necessary to prevent moisture absorption when the level reaches 2 or more. For that reason, products of level 2 or higher must go through a baking process at a fixed period, and the tape reel is packaged in an aluminum pack with a desiccant.

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