Ceramic Capacitors FAQ

Safety standard

What are the CCC and CQC safety standards of China? Do any capacitors comply with these standards?

The CCC System (China Compulsory Certificate System) is a system where the Chinese government examines and certifies products to be imported into China, to determine whether products conform to the standards of the domestic technology, and to determine whether products are acceptable for import. The subject products have already been determined as CCC compulsory certified products. Since capacitors are not applicable to this standard, the CCC certification cannot be acquired.

The CQC System is a voluntary certification system provided by the CQC (China Quality Certification Center). The applicable products cover numerous categories, such as electronic and electrical products, domestic appliances, materials, etc., not covered by the CCC System.

CQC certified products and parts have the following advantages.

  1. When acquiring the CCC certification for applicable products, testing required for parts will be exempted.
  2. When importing products that are not applicable to the CCC into China, customs clearance can be performed smoothly by attaching the CQC certification.
  3. The periodic verification tests required in the periodic factory inspection for CCC certified products will also be exempted.
Murata's type KX, KY products comply with this standard. Contact us in advance as required.

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