RF Inductors - What can be done in SimSurfing

The following introduces what can be done in SimSurfing for rf inductors.

Finding the rf inductors you are searching for

As shown below, rf inductors can be searched from various conditions.

  1. Applications: Specify General /Automobile
  2. Specifications: Capacitance, rated voltage, rated current, outer dimensions
  3. Murata Part Numbers
SimSurfing screen of RF inductors

Confirming Characteristics

The various characteristics of rf inductors can be displayed in graphs.

Impedance, ESR, reactance, phase, admittance, conductance, susceptance, inductance, Q, transmission characteristics (S21), and reflection characteristics (S11)

In the graph, the characteristics can be compared easily, because the characteristics of multiple items can be overwritten.

* In the XY axis of the graph, the Linear/Log can be switched and the display range can be set.

Example of overwritten graphs

Acquiring Data used in Circuit Simulations

The S-parameters and SPICE models (Netlist) that can be used in commercial and free circuit simulations can be downloaded for the products displayed in SimSurfing.

How to download S-parameters and SPICE models (Netlist)