Three-terminal Capacitors - What can be done in SimSurfing

The following introduces what can be done in SimSurfing for three-terminal capacitors.

Finding the three-terminal capacitors you are searching for

As shown below, three-terminal capacitors can be searched from various conditions.

  1. Applications: General / Automobile
  2. Specifications: Capacitance, rated voltage, rated current, outer dimensions
  3. Murata Part Numbers
SimSurfing screen of three-terminal capacitors

Confirming Characteristics

The transmission characteristics (S21) and reflection characteristics (S11) of three-terminal capacitors can be displayed in graphs.

In the graph, the characteristics can be compared easily, because the characteristics of multiple items can be overwritten.

* In the XY axis of the graph, the Linear/Log can be switched and the display range can be set.

Example of overwritten graphs

Acquiring Data used in Circuit Simulations

The S-parameters and SPICE models (Netlist) that can be used in commercial and free circuit simulations can be downloaded for the products displayed in SimSurfing.

How to download S-parameters and SPICE models (Netlist)