Digital Panel Meters FAQQHow do the decimal points function?

This is the second most frequently asked display-related question. The meter's decimal points are totally user selectable, that is, the meter's analog-to-digital converter (ADC) has no control over which decimal point is ON or which decimal point is OFF. This feature is due to the fact that most fixed-input range digital panel meters are not intended to directly readout in volts, but instead are intended to display some other physical parameter such as pounds, degrees, amperes, etc.
One of the few exceptions to the above are DATEL's self-powered 2-wire meters. These meters are designed to measure only one electrical parameter (ac volts, dc volts, etc.) and, depending on the display resolution, a decimal point is pre-wired ON and cannot be disabled by the user.
Both the individual product data sheets and DMS Application Note 13 contain detailed information on how to enable the meter's decimal points.



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