Digital Panel Meters FAQQAre low-power red LED meters dimmer than standard-intensity meters?


The answer is an emphatic no! DATEL's low-power red LED meters, identified with an '-RL' part number suffix, are actually brighter than their standard-intensity ,'-RS' suffix counterparts! Red low-power LED meters typically consume 10-15 times less power than '-RS' meters. However, this dramatically lower power consumption is achieved with no sacrifice in display intensity or electrical performance.
DATEL's low-power red LED meters cost approximately 10% more than standard-intensity meters. However, in many applications this extra cost is easily offset by using lower-cost power supplies. Low power LED meters can be used in many applications where LCD display meters were once the only option-including battery powered instrumentation. DMS Application Note 1, titled "The LED versus LCD Decision," provides more information on the pros and cons of LED and LCD display technologies.



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