Power supplies and other modules

Net sales: 48.9 billion yen
YoY Up: 8.3%

Main products

Power supplies, etc.

Operating results

For fiscal 2017, power supplies mainly for office automation equipment recorded sales growth. As a result, overall net sales were 48.9 billion yen (up 8.3% year-on-year).

Net sales (Billion yen)

Power supply modules

Changes in the business portfolio of power supply module business
are currently underway. Murata continues in its process to divest the conventional custom power supply business and aims to develop high value added products by utilizing Murata’s strengths as differentiating factors.
Murata’s power supply modules featuring high reliability, high efficiency, and high power density are used for markets including servers, datacom, communications devices, in-vehicle systems, and industrial electrical equipment.
In the future, 5G service will be common in the communications device market where data traffic will increase from the expansion of big data. Also, in the in-vehicle system market, as the range of electronic components grows with higher functionality, highly efficient, compact power supplies with higher power density will increasingly become requirements.
To meet these market demands, Murata will provide compact power supply modules developed by integrating power circuit technologies, RF technologies, self-manufacturing of key devices, and highly reliable packaging technologies accumulated
over many years, as well as highly efficient, high power density power supply systems as power supply solutions combined with batteries to contribute to both increased functionality and energy saving of electronic devices.