Message from the President

Firming up our foundation and gathering the group's energies to spring ahead

The First Year of Mid-Term Direction 2018—Strengthening Our Foundation

Murata aims to maintain sustainable growth as the world's top supplier of components, and to guide the company's activities we have created Mid-Term Direction 2018 as a three-year plan. Murata's business has doubled in the last five years. With this and other significant changes taking place in the business environment, we utilized FY2016-the first year of the plan-to strengthen our business foundation.

In Murata's core market-communications-growth has slowed in the production of standard cellular phones, but with a shift toward more advanced features, we are seeing strong growth in components for smartphones. Various types of module technology and RF technology form the basis for the extensive range of Murata's product lines, from individual components to modules, through which we provide new value to customers on a daily basis. We answer the demand from customers with a deep catalog of products and a steady system of supply enabled by good supply chain management.

Combining technologies with the strengths of our personnel to take us into the future

We plan to strengthen our core business—communications—while working to expand business in such key markets as automotive, energy, and healthcare. Murata has recently entered into new partnerships and made acquisitions. Our aim now is to integrate newly acquired technologies and ideas with our own technologies and expertise built up over time to achieve sustainable growth.

We will also work to enhance our monozukuri (manufacturing) , technology development, and human resources development, along with other fundamental areas of doing business. Murata is a global enterprise and we employ people in many locations worldwide. We therefore actively embrace a policy of diversity and inclusion that we are promoting groupwide. At the same time, we continue to treasure the Murata Philosophy, the foundation of our corporate culture.

As an innovator in the electronics industry, we put our full effort into supporting our customers to allow them to carry out their vision. I would like to once again express my sincere gratitude to our customers and many other stakeholders for their support, which has led to Murata's growth. We will do everything in our power to continue to build the future of electronics together with you all.

Chairman of the Board and President
Tsuneo Murata

Our Philosophy