Reduction in Water Usage


Effectively utilizing water resources with an awareness of water risks

Water is a fundamental resource in people's lives; it is similarly essential to plant manufacturing. Water risks are therefore causing concern worldwide, as water shortages and water pollution become more serious due such factors as climate change and a rising global population.

At Toyama Murata Manufacturing, we take great care to use water resources efficiently. To improve our water recycling rate we have overhauled our coolant water system, and taken steps to optimize the use of water temperature. Such efforts have resulted in a usage reduction of 60,000 tons of water annually, approximately 3% in our factories overall.

Toyama Murata Manufacturing's plant is set in a location within Japan that is particularly blessed with an abundance of water. Especially for this reason, we are committed to taking thorough measures to protect water resources on into the future.

Reduction in water usage

Murata promotes reduced and effective use of water resources. Each plant is carrying out its own activities and we are ensuring that that information is shared throughout the Murata Group.