Risk Management

We anticipate the varied risks related to our business activities and work to minimize any damage resulting from those risks.

Company-wide Risk Management Initiative

Comprehensive firefighting drill
Comprehensive firefighting drill  
To deal with the various risks inherent in business, within the CSR Management Committee Murata has established the Risk Management Committee. This committee has the executive vice president as the committee chairperson and comprises directors from departments of General Affairs, Personnel & Industrial Relations, Corporate Communications, Intellectual Property, Facilities Management, Information Systems, and Legal Affairs. Together, the committee members study ways to address risks Company-wide.

Information Risk–Strengthening of Information Security

For Murata to continue to grow, it is essential to protect information that is a Company asset, which includes technological knowhow and other confidential information. Accordingly, by establishing an organization for information security, we are working to carry out development and implementation of information security measures throughout the Company.

Besides establishing the Information Security Policy and the Information Security Management Regulations, in order to have all employees understand information security and correctly handle information, we have distributed the Information Security Guidebook and promoting education, including internal training.

Furthermore, we are recording and monitoring the operations of employees on personal computers, as well as Internet communications. At the same time, for our information systems and networks, we are using third-party security diagnoses to promote measures to cope with cyber attacks.

Disaster Risks–Ensuring Business Continuation

A major natural disaster has the potential to bring business to a stop for extended periods. Consequently, Murata takes various measures to ensure that business continues and that we can provide customers with a stable supply of products. We have ensured earthquake resistance and safety for buildings and production facilities, constructed backup frameworks for our communications and information systems and implemented stockpiling.

In addition, by regularly carrying out disaster drills, we will work to verify the effectiveness of our initial response as well as its continual improvement.

Intellectual Property Management and Leakage Risks

We are aware that counterfeit Murata products are in circulation, in particular in the East Asian region. These counterfeits are handled by electronic component trading companies other than our authorized dealers and electronic commerce sites other than those belonging to the Murata Group. The counterfeit products do not meet Murata’s quality standards, and may result in major equipment malfunctions.

To ensure that our customers do not mistakenly purchase counterfeit products, we recommend that they purchase only from Murata sales offices or authorized Murata dealers.

In addition, with the cooperation of government organizations and other entities around the world, we are working to crack down on businesses selling illegal counterfeit products. For example, we began action against a company in China using a name similar to ours to sell counterfeit products, demanding that it change its name and cease sales of these products, and our case was brought to a successful conclusion last year. We are also forcing other businesses selling counterfeit products to cease their activities through administrative exposure and other measures. In addition to this, with regard to the issue of the sale of counterfeit products on electronic commerce sites, we are working with the operators of the sites to correct or take down illicit pages that are selling counterfeit products, using trademarks without permission, using misleading labeling, etc.

In the future, we will continue to monitor the situation and take action.