Promoting “Responsible Minerals Procurement”

Murata is working to ensure responsible procurement of minerals in the following ways as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts:
  1. Working within the framework of CSR procurement activities based on the Murata Manufacturing CSR Charter
  2. Building a management framework in accordance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.
  3. Using the above mechanisms to promote responsible procurement of minerals used by Murata, such as by preventing the financing of armed groups for conflict minerals (gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten) through continued efforts to use low-risk components and materials. Also, refusing to conduct procurement from companies that are clearly involved in conflicts or human rights violations
  4. Conducting sensible and efficient procurement in a sincere manner, based on industry standards, and in close collaboration with industry organizations
  5. Sharing information regarding minerals that are obtained through the supply chain with partner companies as quickly as possible
In the future, while maintaining close coordination with our suppliers and customers, in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, we will continue to conscientiously and consistently address this issue.

In addition, to enable cooperation with our industry, we are participating in the JEITA Responsible Mineral Trade Working Group ( and RMI*1(
*1: Responsible Minerals Initiative