Philosophy sharing at overseas business sites

Murata Finland Improving, in the spirit of the Murata Philosophy

Following the acquisition of VTI Technologies Oy, the Finnish MEMS technology company, now renamed Murata Electronics Oy, a special program was started to share the Murata Philosophy with all employees.

The purpose of the Philosophy Sharing program was to introduce the Murata Philosophy to all employees, and to help them understand how they can contribute to customer satisfaction and the overall success of Murata. Several workshops were held, with presentations of Murata's history, values and philosophy, followed by discussions and group workshops with the participation of all employees, from management to shop-floor workers. Feedback from employees was positive and encouraging, and also very revealing. We realized we have a lot to do. It was recognized that applying the Murata Philosophy in our daily work and decision-making will truly help us to improve.

These workshops were complemented by an eLearning module, enabling especially new employees to further self-study the meaning of the Murata Philosophy.
Since then, we have advanced from understanding to believing, and finally to applying our Philosophy. Also, the workshops have been implemented with great success.