Murata's woodland preservation activities/Class lessons for children by Murata employees

写真左より 株式会社村田製作所 環境・安全部 坂田 繁寛 環境・安全部 環境安全推進課 中田 佳代
Photo (left to right):
Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
Environmental & Safety Management Dept.
Shigehiro Sakata

Environmental & Safety Management Dept.
Environmental & Safety Promotion Sec.
Kayo Nakata

Murata receives the Forestry Agency Minister's Award for ongoing activities

Our head office has been engaged in Murata Forest woodland preservation activities since fiscal 2007.About once a month, employees and their families participate as volunteers, actively cooperating with local residents near the forest in Kozaki-ku, Kameoka, Kyoto prefecture to help thin the forest.Last autumn, at the 40th Annual Zenkoku Ikujusai (nationwide tree-raising event) held in Kyoto, the company was recognized by Kyoto prefecture with the Forestry Agency Minister's Award for approximately 10 years of ongoing activities. We plan to continue actively pursuing these activities to uphold the honor of being a recipient of the award.

*Murata Forest was the first forest in the woodland preservation activities carried out in Japan as part of the Model Forest Movement proposed by Canada at the Earth Summit held in 1992 as a practical movement to build a sustainable global environment.