Society and the Community

Under its slogan, "Innovator in Electronics®," Murata aims to contribute to the development of society by supplying products of value, and to help enrich local communities through extramural support activities.

Social Contribution Activities: Approaches

Murata's Basic Policies for Activities to Contribute to Society and Local Communities

Murata desires to be a company whose presence in local communities is considered a pride and joy by those communities. Making effective use of its resources (employees, expertise, facilities and fund), Murata constantly makes contributions to society and local communities.
Commitment to Society Commitment to Local Communities Commitment to Employees
We will pay attention to social challenges and practice corporate philanthropy taking advantage of Murata's characteristics. To make our presence a source of pride in the communities in which we operate, we will fulfill our roles and responsibilities according to the regional needs and characteristics. We will value employees' ideas and participation, encourage and support individual employees to actively seek connections with society and local communities.
A lecture on demand at an elementary school
A lecture on demand at an elementary school

Activities to Assist with Nurturing Children Who Will Forge the Future

As a manufacturing company, in order to communicate the work contents of engineers who are supporting manufacturing and convey a sense of the job’s attraction, Murata is holding lectures on demand for elementary and junior high school students.

By introducing the mechanisms that allow Murata’s original bicycle-riding robot, Murata Boy, and unicycle-riding robot, Murata Girl, to maintain their balance, and by giving a glimpse into the atmosphere of the development stage, we not only stimulate the children’s intellectual curiosity in the fields of science and technology but also teach them that they cannot give up even after experiencing many failures.

At our domestic and overseas sites, moreover, by holding electronics workshops and environmental study sessions that have the children develop their interest in environmental preservation, we are expressing our desire to be a company that gives dreams and hopes to children who will forge the future. In this way, Murata is continuing to carry out activities to nurture children.

Promoting Educational, Cultural and Sports Activities

Regional Community Culture Promotion Events

Since 1992, Murata has sponsored and supported the Wakaba Cup: All Japan School Children's Badminton Tournament, which is held every summer in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, where Murata is based. In 2018, we staged the 13th Murata Innovator Cup (Children's Go Championship), which was launched at the initiative of a Murata employee. Some 200 elementary and junior high school students and their guardians participated in this event, which was managed by 50 internal staff members. In addition, since 2008, Murata has acted as a special sponsor of the yearly Kyoto High Schools General Cultural Festival of Excellence Forum-A High School Traditional Culture Festival for Creating, Interrelating, and Bequeathing. By establishing the Murata Prize, we have supported worthy club activities in various fields by high school students.
The Biotope at Okayama Murata Manufacturing
The Biotope at Okayama Murata Manufacturing

Greening Activities Harmonized with Local Culture and Nature

Murata's 10-point Green Basic Policy was formulated approximately 30 years ago under the direction of our founder, Akira Murata, who loved nature. Based on a policy of enrichment and sustainable development of regional cultural life as a matter of social responsibility for the Company, we encourage greening activities in harmony with regional communities at our facilities across Japan. In addition, we are also working on conservation of ecosystems through biotope creation and "Murata Forest" activities.

Academic Support Activities

Grants for Academic Research Centered on Electronics

The Murata Science Foundation was established in February 1985, to contribute to development of scientific study through academic promotion. The Foundation provides financial aid for research that contributes to the improvement and development of science and technology mainly in the electronics field, and for research in the humanities and social sciences that contributes to the resolution of problems that accompany globalization. It also encourages international exchange among researchers.

In fiscal 2017, the Murata Science Foundation provided a total of ¥290 million in aid, comprising 141 research project grants, 38 study group grants, and 99 cases of overseas dispatch assistance.