Noise Suppression Technology Creates Balanced Electromagnetic Environments

Emission Measures and Immunity Measures

Two kinds of measures are necessary to ensure that a number of electronic devices in a limited space function normally without interfering with each other. Emission measures prevent devices from generating noise, while immunity measures are designed to prevent devices from being affected when they are exposed to noise generated by other devices. If an environment is balanced with both kinds of measures to ensure that electronic devices operate in close vicinity without mutual interference, or electromagnetic interference (EMI) , such an environment is said to maintain electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) . EMI filters are noise suppression components indispensable for EMI suppression.

The dissemination of smartphones and increasing use of electronics in vehicles mean that we are always increasingly surrounded by electronics. Many devices that incorporate wireless circuits and digital circuits in order to connect to the internet often suffer from mutual interference. Noise suppression technology for establishing EMC is becoming an increasingly important part of ensuring the proper operation of all electronic devices that are densely deployed.

Special Feature: A World With, and a World Without Noise Suppression