Lighting Equipment/Lighting Control

Lighting equipment
The lighting in our life and community require many functions such as safety and comfort for each applications.
In recent years, LED are used for lighting equipment as the new light source because that energy saving and long life-time become the important functions for lighting.
Murata contributes to develop next generation lighting technology with state of the art products and technologies such as ceramic capacitor, thermistor to support high efficiency and long life, and also sensors and wireless lighting control solution to realize both additional saving energy & functional lighting space.

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Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

GRM Series
/ High Frequency Filter Circuit
/Coupling /Decoupling /For Step-up

Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


/ Smoothing /Transient Backup

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils)


/ Impedance Matching /Resonance

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils)


/ Voltage Conversion

Chip Ferrite Beads

BLM Series

/ Noise Suppression

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Feed Through Chip EMI Filters

NFE Series

/ Noise Suppression

Microwave Absorbers

EA Series

/ Noise Suppression