Murata's common mode choke coil approved for Analog Devices, Inc.’s Automotive Audio Bus®


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s common mode choke coil DLW32MH101XK2 has been approved for Analog Devices, Inc.'s (hereafter: "ADI") automotive interface "Automotive Audio Bus®*1." This will simplify evaluation by customers, making it easier to select parts.
*1 Automotive Audio Bus® : Developed by Analog Devices, Inc , Automotive Audio Bus® is the industry’s lowest latency, high-speed digital interconnect technology distributing audio and control data, clock, and power over a single, unshielded twisted-pair wire. Automotive Audio Bus® is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.
In the automotive industry, the trend toward automated driving is accelerating. To achieve automated driving, the number of electronic device units mounted in vehicles is increasing, and weight reduction of the wire harnesses*2 that connect the various units is becoming even more important. Furthermore, there is also growth in the introduction of high-speed differential transmission interfaces in the transmission of not just control data but also video and audio data.
With this background, the Automotive Audio Bus® interface is beginning to be used to transfer control and audio data in wiring-intensive applications that are susceptible to data transfer delays.
*2 Wire harness: A bundled cable for use in electrode supply and signal communication applications
Murata's compact 1210-inch size (3.2 mm × 2.5 mm) common mode choke coil DLW32MH101XK2 has been approved as a common mode choke coil for ADI's Automotive Audio Bus®.

Going forward, Murata will continue to contribute to the realization of automated driving through further weight reduction of wire harnesses and other parts.

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