Murata introduces a common mode choke coil for BroadR-Reach®


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata


In September, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. started mass production of the DLW43MH series of common mode choke coils to support the vehicle’s BroadR-Reach®*1 (100 Mbps) Ethernet system. By introducing this new series to complement the series of products supporting CANBUS/FlexRay*2, Murata contributing to vehicle Ehernet system. 
This product will be exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2016 from October 4 to 7, 2016. 


In the automotive market, the trend toward autonomous driving is gaining speed, and on-vehicle cameras are increasingly becoming a standard feature for viewing the area around vehicles. A high-speed differential interface (hereafter “I/F”) capable of sending large amounts of data is required for this. As a result, installation of BroadR-Reach® (100 Mbps), an on-vehicle version of Ethernet that has a proven track record in the consumer market, is being promoted. 
Murata has achieved required characteristics such as mode conversion characteristics by controlling the balance of the electrostatic stray capacitance between wires, based on its expertise in winding technology gained in producing common mode choke coils for CANBUS/FlexRay, the control system I/F used in automobiles. In the future, Murata will be further downsizing products in this area to promptly meet customers’ needs. 


  1. L4.5 × W3.2 × T2.7 mm
  2. Achieves a common mode inductance of 200 μH (at 100 kHz) 
  3. AEC-Q200*3 compliant


Noise countermeasures for the automotive market, in particular for the vehicle LAN BroadR-Reach®

Part number



Electric characteristics

Product No. 
Common Mode
Inductance at
100 kHz 
Rated Voltage Rated Current DC Resistance
200 uH 
-25 %/+50 %
20V 110mA 4.5 Ωmax.
10 MΩmin.

External size

4.5 × 3.2 × 2.7 ±0.2 mm


*1 BroadR-Reach®: An Ethernet standard for mounting in vehicles, defined by the OPEN Alliance. This car interface realizes a transmission speed of 100 Mbit/second via a single UTP (Unshielded Twist Pair) cable. BroadR-Reach® is a registered trademark of Broadcom Company. 
*2 CANBUS/FlexRay: CAN stands for Controller Area Network, and FlexRay is a standard protocol for an vehicle communications bus system. 
*3 AEC-Q200: AEC stands for Automotive Electronics Council.

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