Murata releases multilayer power inductors ideal for Bluetooth® Low Energy applications


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has released the LQM18DN_70 series of multilayer power inductors for Bluetooth® Low Energy* applications.

The new multilayer power inductors are smaller than the previous LQM21FN_80 series and can handle larger current flows. They are ideal for applications requiring compactness and low power consumption, such as various types of wearable devices.

Recently, wearable devices such as smart watches, wireless speakers, and wireless headphones have become increasingly widespread, and typically connect wirelessly to popular communication devices such as smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth® is a standard used for such wireless communications, but in the case of wearable devices, which generally must operate on battery power for extended periods, the Bluetooth® Low Energy standard is used as it consumes approximately just one-fourth the power of standard Bluetooth®. In addition, the power inductors need to be compact and lightweight to meet consumers' expectations of wearable devices.

With this in mind, Murata has developed the LQM18DN_70 series of compact multilayer power inductors specifically for use in Bluetooth® Low Energy applications.

Product features

  • 0603 (1608)inch(mm)size
  • Support for large currents and temperature rise current value of 330 mA/6.8 µH

Product webpages

Refer to LQM18DN_70 series for detailed product information.

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Explanation of terms

* Bluetooth® Low Energy : A version of the Bluetooth® standard that achieves low power consumption by suppressing the transfer speed and communication range.

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