Basics of Capacitors [Lesson 1] How do capacitors work?


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This is a technical article that aims to explain the basics of capacitors. 
The first lesson will give an overview of capacitors.

[Lesson 1: Overview of capacitors]

Talking about electrical circuits
Let's begin by talking about electrical circuits and about capacitors.

<A circuit is like a road; a charge is like a car.>
If we think of a circuit as a road, then the movement of the charge is like the movement of the cars along the road.


<A resistor is like a bumpy road.>
In the case of a road which is bumpy, the speed of the cars is reduced, but the cars continue to travel toward their intended destination. In the case of an electrical circuit, heat is generated by a resistor, resulting in an energy loss. since this is basic level information, I would delete this reference to Joule heat, as it is too technical.


<Power supplies (batteries) are devices that provide a potential difference.>
A power supply is a device that provides a potential difference of voltage E[V] at the two ends where it is connected. It is the same as a car which is automatically carried up by an elevator to the position of height t[m] without using its own power.(what is the basic meaning of t(m)