Crystal Filters

Crystal filters
Crystal Filter(MCF) is Band pass filter that can take out only a necessary frequency. The crystal high Q factor allow crystal filters to have steep band-pass characteristics. Crystal filters is used for Business Radio commonly.
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XDCAH Series

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Glossary of technical terms on Crystal Filter.

Description of the important points of the impedance matching

Customization according to the requirement characteristic.

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Ceramic Filters (CERAFIL)/Crystal Filters (PDF: 1.1 MB)

  • CAT NO. P51e-3
  • UPDATE 9/10/2019
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Crystal Filters XDCBA series (PDF: 0.4 MB)

  • UPDATE 9/2/2017
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Crystal Filters XDCAF / XDCAG / XDCAH series (PDF: 0.5 MB)

  • UPDATE 9/2/2017
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