Selection Guide

Selection Guide of Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors
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- Magnetic pattern recognition sensors are suitable for differentiation of bank note types and patterns printed with magnetic ink. -

  • ATMs, cash counters, bill changers, ticket machines, automatic vending machines, card readers, and differentiation of E13B codes on gift certificates

When the sensors detect magnetic codes, if the coercivity (Hc) of the media is lower than 95kA/m, the bias magnetic force of the sensors will damage the magnetic information on the target media. For detect ion of magnetic codes, consult Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

- To meet various applications for magnetic pattern differentiation, Murata provides an abundant product lineup. -

  • For applications that require long operation (long life):
    -> Select products with intensified wear resistance.
  • For applications that require high-speed transport:
    -> Select products with intensified wear resistance.
  • For applications that require differentiation of many types of bank notes:
    -> Select products that provide a wide detecting width or multichannels.
  • For applications that require space-saving design:
    -> Select products with small height.
    -> Select products with intensified immunity to external magnetic noise.

Detecting width No. of channels Immunity to external magnetic noise High output High wear resistance Small height Product No.
1.5mm 1 round     round BS05P1PGAA
3mm 1 round     round BS05T1HGNA
round       BS05N1HFAA
  round     BS05N1HFAA
round   round   BS05C1HGCA
  round round   BS05C1HFAA
8   round   round BS05M1HFAL
6mm 1   round     BS05N1NFAA
10mm 1   round     BS05W1KFAA
  round round   BS05W1KFAB
6 round     round BS05M1KGCA
  round   round BS05M1KFCA
9   round     BS05M1KFFA
13   round     BS05M1KFBB

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