Library for Keysight ADS(for 2011 and later)

ADS is an EDA software of Keysight Technologies, Inc.
This library is the equivalent circuit data for use of ADS2011 and later only.
(Please see information about the libraly for ADS2009U1 and earlier.)
[Dynamic model]
Version  17.11
Update Dec 7, 2017
What's new
  • Large number of items is available up to 4,111 types (chip capacitors) and 83 types (power inductors).
Intended products​
[Static model]
Version  17.12s
Update Dec 19, 2017
What's new
  • Large number of items is available up to 12,876types (chip capacitors; EIA) and 4,177 types (chip inductors).
Intended products​

Please download this data on the following pages.

Pertinent material​
Installation manual (for Static model) (PDF: 1.5MB)
List of Murata components library for Keysight ADS (for 2011 and later)​ (zip: 1.6KB)
Outline of MLCC S-parameter measurement
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