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LTE Cat. M1 is a licensed standard that requires a license to use the radio frequency band, and it is ideal for cases where IoT needs to minimize costs and power consumption even if speeds are slow. LTE Cat. M1 is particularly suitable for mobile communications, such as when devices are moving, and because it uses licensed bands, radio interference is less likely to occur, and speeds are faster, allowing it to be used for wearable devices in IoT and other applications.

LTE Cat. M1 Features

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LTE Cat. M1 provides 1 Mbps upstream and 1 Mbps downstream speeds for enabling communication at higher speeds than NB-IoT, which is the same LPWA standard, and it is ideal for IoT devices with low power consumption and that use batteries.
Murata's compact LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) modules for Cat. M1 (LTE-M) and NB-IoT achieve the world's lowest power consumption of 1.5 μA in Power Saving Mode (PSM)*.
The networks (licensed band) of major mobile phone carriers are used to provide a wider and more stable range of communication compared to unlicensed LPWA communication systems.
The module has a bottom area that is about 50% smaller than typical LPWA modules, enabling high-density circuit designs for electronic circuits.

*Murata findings as of August 2020.

Communication System
Frequency Band Same band as LTE
Frequency Width 1.4 kHz
License Carrier Licensed Band Support
Transfer Rate (Upstream) Max. 1 M
Transfer Rate (Downstream) Max. 1 M
Communication Range greater than 10 kM
Communication Range
Power Consumption
Communication Direction
Cloud Connectivity

LTE Cat. M1 Modules: Product Information


    Type 1SC
    The LBAD00XX1SC module is the world's smallest Cat. M1/NB-IoT module with global certification. It supports GPS/GNSS, OpenMCU, Integrated SIM.


    Type 1WG
    The LBAD00XX1WG module is a Cat. M1/NB-IoT module, and it supports NIDD (For Softbank) in NB-IoT. It meets the certification standards in Japan and supports GPS/GNSS, OpenMCU, Integrated SIM.


    Type 1SE
    The LBAD00ZZ1SE module is a dual-mode Cat. M1/NB-IoT module with built-in MCU from STMicro, MVNO-compatible eSIM, and antenna connector. It supports various certifications and is suitable for speeding up the development process.

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The flow of operations for LTE Cat. M1 deployment and for obtaining the evaluation kit are shown here.

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