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Murata has developed compact communication modules that support Sigfox communication. These modules are already "Sigfox" certified for easily installing in customer devices. Type ABZ (Sigfox) uses an STMicro STM32-based wireless microcontroller and SX1276 Semtech RFIC, and it operates in the frequency range of 860 to 930 MHz.

Sigfox Features

Wide Coverage at Low Power, Simple Settings for Quick Start

Sigfox is a global IoT network featuring low price, low power consumption, and long-range transmission.
Because it covers a wide area at low power, a major feature of Sigfox is its suitability for use in sensors and devices.
Sigfox's public network is attractive as a low-cost, reliable, and low-power solution. It is a network that handles extremely lightweight data with excellent interference resistance and fault tolerance, which is essential for infrastructure IoT and connecting large numbers of devices. As a Sigfox partner, Murata provides support for everything from certification to antenna design.

Communication System
Frequency Band 900 MHz band
Frequency Width 100 Hz
Specifications Specifications developed by Sigfox (France)
License Unlicensed
Transfer Rate (Upstream) 100 bps
Transfer Rate (Downstream)

600 bps

Communication Range (Radius) Max. several tens of kilometers

*Frequency Band EU: 868 MHz, U.S.: 900-920 MHz, Asia: 920 MHz

Communication Range
Power Consumption
Cloud Connectivity
Supporting Zone

RCZ1, 2, 4 (*RCZ3 in plan)

Europe, Oman, South Africa
USA, Mexico, Brazil
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Columbia, Argentina

Sigfox Modules: Product Information


    Type ABZ
    The CMWX1ZZABZ module is a compact Sigfox module that can support multiple zones.
    This module can also support LoRaWAN™ by modifying the software.

Sigfox Certification Types

[Module Certification] Sigfox Verified™

If you wish to develop your own solution or develop a full integrated Sigfox module, you will need to go through the Sigfox Verified™ certification process.
This certification will allow you to integrate Sigfox connectivity using Sigfox Library, which implements the Sigfox protocol.
To learn more about Sigfox Verified™ certification Open in New Window , please visit here.

[End-product Certification] Sigfox Ready™

Pre-requisites to apply for Sigfox Ready™ certification are:

  • Device must use a Sigfox Verified™ radio solution, such as a module or reference design.
  • Device is based on another Sigfox Ready™ device and complies with the rules described in the “Sigfox Ready™ similarity rules”.

To learn more about Sigfox Ready™ certification Open in New Window , please visit here.

The flow of operations for Sigfox deployment and for obtaining the evaluation kit are shown here.

You can search for Sigfox products by comparing specifications.