UWB ModulesType 2BP

Murata Type2BP is the ultra small UWB module which includes NXP's SR150 UWB chipset, clock, filters and peripheral components.
Ideally suited for general IoT devices including battery operated devices.


Small size UWB module with comformal shielding

  • Chipset : NXP Trimension SR150
  • UWB Channel 5,9 support
  • Interface : SPI
  • 3 Antenna support (3D AoA or 2D AoA support)
  • Small size : Resin molded + Comformal shielding structure
  • Power calibration & Xtal calibration support

Product Information

Item explanation
Product Type Module
Product Status Under Development
Grade Consumer
Frequency UWB Ch 5 & 9
Frequency MHz (min) UWB 6250
Frequency MHz (max) UWB 8250
Chipset NXP SR150
CPU Core ARM Cortex-M33
Flash / RAM - / 128kB CODE RAM, 128kB Data RAM
Antenna External
RF Conn/ Antenna Not Included
Sleep Clock Internal X'tal (32.768kHz)
System Clock Internal X'tal (38.4MHz)
Operating Temperature Range -30 to 85
Operating Temperature °C (min) -30
Operating Temperature °C (max) 85
Mounting Type SMT
Package LGA
Dimension 6.6 × 5.8 × 1.2(max)mm
Supply Voltage (Vdc) 1.8V
Supply Voltage min 1.71V
Supply Voltage max 1.98V
Technology UWB
Host Interface SPI (default)
FCC/IC/MIC(Japan) Certified Yes (Planned)
ETSI report Yes (Planned)
ISO9001 Yes

Datasheet and Documentations

Please contact our sales or send your inquiry for the latest datasheet and other related documentations.

Evaluation Kit

Item explanation

Murata UWB module Type2BP evaluation board. Type2BP and NXP QN9090(BLE chip), USB-UART conversion IC are on this EVB.

Power supplied via UWB cable, and from COM port of PC, Type-2BP can be controlled through QN9090.

This development kit is approved by Apple® for the purpose of evaluating UWB-enabled accessories that leverage Apple's Nearby Interaction framework in order to interact with Apple products that include the U1 chip.


Please contact our sales or send your inquiry for the evaluation kit.