UWB ModulesType 2DK

Murata Type2DK is an all-in-one UWB + Bluetooth LE combo module which integrates NXP Trimension SR040 UWB Chipset, NXP QN9090 Bluetooth LE + MCU chipset, On board antenna and peripheral components.
Ideally suited for UWB Tag/Tracker which operates by coin-cell battery, and general IoT devices.


UWB + Bluetooth LE combo module with on-board antenna

  • UWB Chipset : NXP Trimension SR040
  • MCU + Bluetooth LE Chipset : NXP QN9090
  • Low power consumption to support coin-cell battery operation
  • UWB / Bluetooth LE on board antenna integrated

Product Information

Item explanation
Product Type Module
Product Status Under Development
Grade Consumer
Frequency UWB Ch 5 & 9
Frequency MHz (min) UWB 6250
Frequency MHz (max) UWB 8250
Chipset NXP SR040 (UWB) / NXP QN9090 (MCU + Bluetooth LE)
CPU Core ARM Cortex-M4 (QN9090)
Flash / RAM 640KB Flash / 152KB SRAM (QN9090)
Antenna Integrated
Sleep Clock Internal X'tal (32.768kHz)
System Clock Internal X'tal (55.2MHz) for SR040
Internal X'tal (32MHz) for QN9090
Operating Temperature Range -30 to 85
Operating Temperature °C (min) -30
Operating Temperature °C (max) 85
Mounting Type SMT
Package LGA
Dimension 19.6 × 18.2 × 2.3(max)mm
Supply Voltage (Vdc) 3V
Supply Voltage min 1.9V
Supply Voltage max 3.6V
Technology UWB, Bluetooth LE
FCC/IC/MIC(Japan) Certified Yes (Planned)
ETSI report Yes (Planned)
ISO9001 Yes

Datasheet and Documentations

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Evaluation Kit

Item explanation

Murata UWB + Bluetooth LE combo module Type2DK evaluation kit. Type2DK, UART-USB IC, SWD port and coin-cell battery holder on this EVK.


Please contact our sales or send your inquiry for the evaluation kit.