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Chip Inductors
Murata chip inductors feature compact size and high-performance. The unique coil and case structures give them low DC resistance and outstanding high-frequency characteristics. 
Murata offers a broad variety of products for different applications. 
The diverse lineup offers the customer a choice of the types of inductors and characteristics optimal for the circuit in question.

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LQP Series

LQP Series

LQW Series

LQW Series

LQG Series

LQG Series


LQM Series
LQH Series

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Murata Icon X Knowledge of Inductor

Explanation of every question (such as "What is inductor?", "Effective usage of inductors") about the inductor.
Basic Knowledges

Basic Knowledge

Explanation of function and how to use inductors.

Practical Knowledge

Practical knowledge

Explanation of every thing about the inductor such as the questions and introduction of the tools to utilize inductor.

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PDF files of product catalog and product technical information of indoctors.

Chip Inductors

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils) (PDF: 6.4 MB)

  • CAT NO. o05e-25
  • UPDATE 12/24/2013
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EMI Suppression Filters (for DC)/Chip Inductors for Automotive (PDF: 7.5 MB)

  • CAT NO. c51e-1
  • UPDATE 9/30/2014
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