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Murata improves performance of ceramic ESD device series by 20%
[Annual Report] Murata Report (For the year ended March 31, 2015) (PDF: 1.08MB)
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Murata improves performance of ceramic ESD device series by 20%
Enhanced design tools on” myMurata” for driving automotive applications
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Join us at Automotive Summit 2015 for Murata’s presentation on Automotive Connectivity Technology!



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Mobile Devices, Network, Wireless Communication

For connecting people, businesses, and the World… Murata’s components, connectivity and power technologies optimize functionality and performance.

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Murata is shaping automotive technologies, for the benefit of our vehicles, the occupants, and the earth we navigate.

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Providing you the performance, efficiency, and reliability for a multitude of industrial applications.

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Murata technologies are improving tomorrow's healthcare products and equipment - for life.

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Murata innovations for today's and tomorrow's smarthomes, offering improved energy efficiency, aircare and higher quality of living.

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All Applications

Healthcare equipment, Smart Home Automation, Lighting, Security and more, Murata proudly delivers solutions for every electronics challenge.

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