1. Sound Components 〉Piezoelectric Buzzers
  • Production Start Date : 9/1/1983

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Murata Icon X Specifications

Sound Pressure Level(min.)80dB
Measure Condition of Sound Pressure Level[12Vdc,10cm]
Oscillating Frequency3.3kHz
Oscillating Frequency Tolerance±0.5kHz
Measure Condition of Oscillation Frequency[12Vdc]
Current Consumption(max.)12mA
Measure Condition of Current Consumption[12Vdc]
Operating Voltage Range3Vdc to 20Vdc
Operating Temperature Range-20℃ to 70℃
Storage Temperature Range-30℃ to 80℃
Lead ShapeLead Wire type
Lead lengthLead wire length:100mm
Drive TypeSelf Drive
EIAJ Part NumberPB-RWD-C24-33

Murata Icon X Features

This is a unified piezoelectric sounder which has a piezoelectric diaphragm of 3 terminals connected to a self drive circuit, and it easily generates sound with only a DC power supply (DC3.0-20V).
Using suitably designed resonant system, this type can be used where large sound volumes are needed.

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Scheduled for discontinuance within several years, and not recommended for use in new product designs.