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id-Bridge Webinar [On Demand]


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Software reveals the value of RFID
versatile solution for next generation RFID management

A vast amount of data can be stored and transmitted via RFID tags. With the right software and analytical tools, this data can become an incredible asset for business owners.

Join this webinar and learn how advanced technologies and business-intelligence tools can turn important RFID data into valuable insights. We will break down the main features requested by any specialist software and show how id-Bridge suite 4.0 (Middleware and Dashboard) makes RFID easy to use and deploy. By illustrating how leading corporations from different industries have implemented RFID, we will discuss how to easily build and scale an RFID system thus seizing the many opportunities offered by the technology’s high potential.

Topics covered:

  • The value that can be extracted from IoT and RFID data
  • The architecture of RFID software and its key role in any RFID system
  • How id-Bridge Suite 4.0 makes integration, usage, and maintenance simple
  • Why id-Bridge Suite 4.0 is used by world leading corporations across different industries to optimize operations, streamline services, cut costs, and eliminate risks


Daniel Berghenti

Software Development Manager
Murata ID Solutions

Engineer from the University of Parma, Daniel has over 15 years’ experience in the development of IoT and RFID software solutions. Responsible for systems implementation, software quality assurance and support, he currently leads the RFID software design and development team in the EMEA region supporting customer deployments in a range of different industries.


Grethe Bonde

Marketing Communications Specialist
Murata ID Solutions

Graduated in Semiotics from the University of Bologna, Grethe has more than 10 years of experience in the Tech industry as marketing and communication specialist. At Murata, she is currently responsible for marketing communication and product promotion of IoT and RFID solutions.


The On-Demand webinar is now  ready for you to view.