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Empower your business with RFID and IoT insights, "Software reveals the value"


RFID is a groundbreaking tool for uniquely identifying, tracking, tracing and analyzing product or asset flows at every stage of your supply chain. With the right software and analytical tools it is possible to leverage the technology to its full potential, reaping the multiple benefits it enables. This e-book deep dives into how id-Bridge suite 4.0 makes RFID simple to deploy and use. It easily integrates with business systems and is built to help enterprises seize the many opportunities offered by RFID.

Key takeaways;

  • The business value enabled by RFID
  • RFID as a foundation technology of IoT and its exponential growth
  • The architecture of RFID software and its key role in any RFID system
  • How id-Bridge suite 4.0 makes RFID easily usable, flexible, and scalable for all kinds of businesses

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