LQW04CA series Industry’s smallest winding-type inductors for audio lines

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LQW04CA series Industry’s smallest winding-type inductors for audio lines


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd has created a series of 03019-size winding-type inductors for small audio lines; these inductors feature the smallest dimensions in the industry.



The fact that smartphone functions have become more and more sophisticated and that the capacity of smartphone batteries has become larger and larger has given rise not only to an increase in the surface area taken up by the batteries inside the smartphones but also to the growing need to configure the circuitry for all the requisite functions within an increasingly limited space.

Against this backdrop, there have been more and more cases where the earphone, speaker, and other audio circuits are being configured in close proximity to the RF circuits that are connected to the main antenna. When the RF circuits and audio circuits are located close together, the RF signals leak into the audio circuits, resulting in a deterioration of the antenna reception sensitivity and communication quality.

In order to provide the areas between the RF circuits and audio circuits with sufficient isolation characteristics, it is necessary to insert filters with superior impedance characteristics in the communication frequency band into the audio circuit. To meet this need, Murata has already brought out the LQW15CA series of winding-type inductors in the 0402 size (1.0x0.5mm) as the recommended components compatible with these filters.

Now, with a view to contributing to achieving reductions in the size of the devices and enhancing their performance, Murata has created a new series of 03019 inch inding-type inductors that are the smallest of their kind in the industry and that have the equivalent characteristics of their 0402-size counterparts.



High impedance and high insertion loss (IL) characteristics in the communication frequency band (700MHz to 2700MHz) of smartphones
Thanks to their IL characteristics that are the equivalent of those of the 0402 size, these inductors now enable devices to be made smaller than was previously possible.

LQW04CA series Industry’s smallest winding-type inductors for audio lines



Smartphones, mobile phones, and other compact mobile devices


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