Library of Dynamic Chip Inductor Models

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Library of Dynamic Chip Inductor Models


On June 23rd, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. publicly launched on its website a library of dynamic chip inductor models.


In recent years, the use of circuit simulation has become widespread in the design of electronic devices. Manufacturers of electronic components support this trend by providing simulation models of their products. Most of these product models are what are called “static” models. They cannot reproduce dynamic phenomena such as changes in component characteristics due to fluctuations in the current value flowing through the component. Specifically, there is a significant divergence between the simulated values and the actual values when designing circuits where inductance DC superposition characteristics are a factor. Because of this, dynamic models that are capable of reducing the divergence between simulated and actual values are strongly preferred. 

About the newly launched library

This library contains dynamic models that take into account the phenomenon wherein the inductance changes with the current flowing through a chip inductor. These models enable simulations that appropriately reflect the characteristics of circuits in which the current changes over time.

[Series product numbers included in the library]
  • LQM series, 83 product numbers

[Download URL of supported simulator]
(Both inductor and MLCC products are included in a single library.)


Product model
This refers to a set of data reflecting the characteristics of the components necessary for circuit simulation. The characteristics of each product number differ, so Murata prepares a separate component model for each product number.

DC superimposition characteristics of inductors
When a large current flows through an inductor with a core made of a strongly magnetic material (such as ferrite), the permeability of the strongly magnetic material drops as it approaches magnetic saturation. Due to this phenomenon, inductors using cores made of strongly magnetic materials such as ferrite are subject to variations in inductance when the size of the current flow changes. This is referred to as the DC superimposition characteristics of the inductor.

Murata in Brief

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