Murata’s web feature makes sensor selection easy for designers

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Murata sensor evaluation board image

Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has added a new feature to its website’s sensor guide, making it even quicker and more simple for designers to choose a sensor that will accurately meet the needs of their application. Additionally, sensor evaluation boards will be available for designers to rapidly evaluate and prove sensors for an application. 

As a result of the ‘automated world’ we now live in, there are thousands of sensor applications spread across many industries, and particularly so regarding the IoT. In fact, there are so many applications it can be bewildering for even the most experienced designers to choose a sensor that is not just relevant, but perfect for an application. Accordingly, many designers now rely on ‘intelligent’ web site information to enable them to choose a sensor. 

Previously, Murata’s sensor selection guide worked by initially selecting an application/usage or a method/principle as a start point. Whilst these options are still available and valid, a further, new ‘recommended sensors’ page has been added that simplifies matters even further. 

On the new page there is a nine-item choice to begin a search for recommended sensors. These are, temperature, heat/overcurrent, infrared/light, ultrasonic, barometric pressure, inertial force, magnetic, angle, and actuator. On each sensor information page there is technical information about each sensor including data sheets, application notes and video tutorials. So designers can easily download technical data from Murata’s website. 

The new webpage can be viewed here

Further easing and speeding up sensor choice, Murata will start selling evaluation boards through web distributors. Four types of evaluation boards will be available, these being temperature sensor / NTC thermistor, pyro-electric Infrared sensor, barometric pressure sensor, and inertial sensors (accelerometer, inclinometer, gyro sensor). All of the sensor evaluation boards can easily be hooked up to open source computers and will be available from distributors including Farnell and RS at the end of June.

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