Murata’s develops world’s most precise SM rotary position sensors suitable for automotive applications

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata 

Murata has announced the development of the world’s most precise surface-mount type rotary position sensors, the compact and low-profile SVK3 series.  Delivering an excellent linearity of ±1%, the sensors achieve twice the precision of the preceding products and importantly are able to withstand a temperature range as required by the all-important automotive market.

In recent years, electronic control has achieved widespread adoption in the automotive and household appliance markets. As a result, electronic rotary switch devices are used extensively as, for example, feedback control devices for drive motors and as temperature and airflow adjustment switches in automobile air conditioning systems. Rotary position sensors are used to detect the rotation state (angle) of motors or switches in these devices.  Market demand is growing for more finely tuned motor control and switch adjustment as manufacturers endeavor to add improved, ‘next generation’ functionality to their products. 

In response to this demand, Murata has developed the SVK3 series, rotary position sensors that achieve a level of control precision previously difficult to attain, for example fine enough to enable subtle adjustments to the visibility of head-up display (HUD) screens, or fine temperature adjustment settings to fractional values beyond the decimal point using air conditioner temperature adjustment switches. They raise control to a higher level.

The compact size, low profile (W11 × L12 × T2.1mm) and light weight (0.4g) of the rotary position sensors allow products that incorporate them to be both smaller and lighter.  Indeed the physical parameters of Murata’s SVK3 rotary position sensors are identical to that of the preceding (SV03 series) products, allowing them to be used as direct replacements without the need for additional design changes – performance upgrades without pain.
Exhibiting robustness, the sensors meet the usable temperature range (-40 to 125 degrees C) and service life (300,000 cycles) requirements for automotive applications.  The SVK3 series rotary sensors have a resistance of 10k ohms, and provide an effective angle of rotary movement of 333.3 degrees.

Specific examples of applications for the versatile SVK3 series include electronic rotary switches for automobile air conditioning (climate control) systems, visibility adjustment, position memory, failsafe functions for head-up display (HUD) screens, electronic rotary switches, selectors for household appliances (washing machines, coffee makers, etc.), and as feedback sensors for motor drive devices in robots etc.  Mass production of the SVK3 series is scheduled to begin in February 2015.

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