Murata Announces PKHPS0013E40 Series Piezoelectric Sounders Combining High Sound Pressure and More Compact Dimensions

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announces the development of the PKHPS0013E40 series of pin-type piezoelectric sounders (buzzers) for the consumer market that combine compact dimensions and high sound pressure. Mass production is scheduled to start in July 2021.

Murata piezoelectric sounders are employed as electronic sound components in a wide range of electronic devices including electric household appliances to generate sounds such as audible feedback for user operations and warning sounds. Since the sound pressure level of the sounds produced is proportional to the size of the sounder’s case, medium- to large-size sounders have generally been used for applications requiring a clearly audible high sound pressure due to their larger case size.
The PKHPS0013E40 series uses frequency control technology to achieve a sound pressure level comparable to that of medium- or large-size sounders in spite of its compact size. This allows customers to select a compact component without having to settle for a lower sound pressure level.
In addition, medium- to large-size sounders must be packaged in bulk, requiring hand soldering when mounting them on a board. The PKHPS0013E40 series, however, is available in taping packaging, allowing for automated mounting and dramatically lowering mounting cost.

Features of the PKHPS0013E40 series

  1. Compact size and high sound pressure: Combines clearly audible sound pressure and compact dimensions, reducing the dimensions of the components overall as well as the mounting space needed on the board.
  2. Available in taping-reel packaging: Reduced mounting cost.
  3. Improved product design: Tolerance for high-flow solder.

Main specifications

Product size Φ12.6 × 9.4 mm
Pin pitch 5.0 mm
Sound pressure level 83 dB (typ.)
Frequency 4.0 kHz

Product page

For product details please visit: Pin Type Piezoelectric Sounders (PKHPS0013E40 series).

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